Myra Sylus



Illustrator & Pixel Artist

I'm just a neurodivergent, mix media artist from Tennessee. With a passion for art and illustration and a "slight" horder of arts and crafts supplies alike! You'll often find me doodling by our pond, designing characters and their back story, or playing some good games with good friends. Lately I've been really inspired by D&D due to it's elements of Medieval fantasy, and mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. Feel free to stalk my social medias!


It started out much like it did for anyone, a box of crayons and some free time, but as I grew older and the world gave their opinion, I set down my sketchbooks and vowed to never touch them again. that is, untill 2018 when I bought a box of markers on a whim, that singular event which has spiraled into the passion for character design and stories I have today

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Be sure to read my TOS before starting a commission as it will inform as to what you can expect during the commission process, as well as answer some questions you may have in regards to what all is covered with a commercial licenses.
Here are some of the popular options I offer!

Illustrative Portrait

Illustration either of a bust, half body or full body portrait.
Price Range: $40-$125

Pixel Art Portrait

Pixel art bust commission includes a free simple background. Perfect for icons and profile pictures.
Price Range: $25-$50

Monochrome Styled Portrait

An Illustration but with a single color and a more monochromatic look.
Price Range: $35-$120

Contact & Hours

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have, I try to respond within 72 hours!


Non-Daylight Savings: UTC/GMT -6:00 Hours (Central Standard Time)
Daylight Savings: UTC/GMT -5:00 Hours (Central Daylight Time)

Times Available:

Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 4pm